Heat transfer and mapping of THz radiation absorption in biological tissue using Mathematica based Simulink transform


  • Usman Malik University of Riau
  • Krisman Krisman University of Riau
  • Riad Syech University of Riau
  • Muhammad Hamdi University of Riau




Radiation, modeling, absorption, thermal mapping, biological tissue


This work is built on the Mathematica-Simulink transformed modeling which emphasizes on the rate of heat generation when occurs radiation absorption with low scattering in attenuation against tissue radial and axial depth. Experimental based data and prediction of thermal distribution owing to absorption has applied a closed-form system known in principle as an analogue computer model. There are assumptions which considered to modeling principle and sample conditions such as static tissue with no blood supply with response to homeostatic regulation of body temperature equilibrium. Thermal transfer of different power densities indicates that it penetrates the axial or radial depth with the small heat change difference for several types of tissue, i.e., skin, fat, tumor, and muscle. The results for time intervals of one second or longer show a steady-state centered about one temperature. By contrast, milliseconds to picoseconds time ranges display a small but significant temperature change as the depth varies correlated with the contrasting tissue structures. The dimensionless temperature used for finding indifference of tissue thermal characteristics that gives the heat mapping in different contours of the dimensionless temperature. This indicates that the THz regime has a good prospect for clinical purpose and medical therapy as well as imaging.

Author Biographies

Usman Malik, University of Riau

Medical  Physics, Biophysics Computation and Instrumentation, Physics Department

Krisman Krisman, University of Riau

Medical  Physics, Biophysics Computation and Instrumentation, Physics Department

Riad Syech, University of Riau

Medical  Physics, Biophysics Computation and Instrumentation, Physics Department

Muhammad Hamdi, University of Riau

Medical  Physics, Biophysics Computation and Instrumentation, Physics Department


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