Distribution of chromium, copper, lead and zinc in soil from kimanis, papar, sabah


  • Hazerina Pungut
  • Baba Musta
  • Nurul Fadzilah Asgari




Heavy metals, Physical properties, sandstone, quaternary deposit,


This paper discusses the distribution of selected heavy metals namely chromium (Cr), copper (Cu), lead (Pb) and zinc (Zn) in soil from Kimanis, Papar, Sabah. Fourteen soil samples were collected from soil originated from sedimentary rock of Crocker Formation and Quaternary deposit. The Crocker Formation consists of thick sandstone unit and inter-bedded sandstone and shale unit with the age of Late Eocene to Early Miocene. The physico-chemical analysis of soil include the pH value, moisture content, organic content and particle size. Soil of Crocker Formation were classified as sandy loam and sandy clay loam, while Quaternary deposit were classified as sand, sandy loam, sandy clay loam and clay with loam. The result of analysis shows the soils were acidic with pH values range from 3.06-5.65. Organic matter content ranges from 0.98%-7.63% and moisture content were 13.8%-60.51%. All heavy metals were analyzed using ICP-OES. The result of analysis indicated that Zn shows the highest value then followed by Cu, Pb and Cr. Soil sample from Crocker Formation show significantly high Zn and Cu content, where SC6 and SC7 have Zn value of 274.36 μg/g and 127.82 μg/g respectively, whereas 127.98 μg/g of Cu. The distribution of heavy metals in soil samples are controlled by the mobility and leaching process during chemical weathering and also adsorption by clay particles and organic matter as well as the human activities within the area.


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