Integral equation with the generalized neumann kernel for computing green’s function on simply connected regions


  • Ali H. M. Murid
  • Mohmed M. A. Alagele
  • Mohamed M. S. Nasser



Green’s function, Dirichlet problem, Integral equation, Generalized Neumann kernel,


This research is about computing the Green’s functions on simply connected regions by using the method of boundary integral equation. The method depends on solving a Dirichlet problem using a uniquely solvable Fredholm integral equation on the boundary of the region. The kernel of this integral equation is the generalized Neumann kernel. The numerical method for solving this integral equation is the Nystrӧm method with trapezoidal rule which leads to a system of linear equations. The linear system is then solved by the Gaussian elimination method. Mathematica plot of Green’s function for a
test region is also presented.


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