Gas chromatographic analysis of fatty acid composition in the fresh water fishes in North Sulawesi


  • Julius Pontoh Sam Ratulangi University
  • Drayen Tumiwa Sam Ratulangi University



Fatty acid, freshwater fish, gas chromatography


Fresh water fish is one of the nutritious food sources for the people in Indonesia including in North Sulawesi.  Other than its protein, the fish oil has an important source of energy as well as nutraceutical of the people.  Some fatty acids, especially omega three fatty acids have been known for their function in prevention of some artery diseases.  There is not so much information available about the fatty acid composition in the fresh water fishes.  Therefore, the purposes of this research are to determine the present of fatty acids and their composition in the fresh water fishes.  The fish samples including, tilapia (mujair), carp (ikan mas), catfish (lele), snakehead (gabus) have been collected from various parts in North Sulawesi.  Fatty acids were identified using standard fatty acid mix and measured for their concentration using gas chromatographic technique.  The main fatty acids are following to their abundancy: oleic acid varies from 27.24 % for snakehead to 42.22 % for catfish; palmitic acid varies from 22.32 % for carp to 26.91 % for snakehead fish; and linolenic acid varies from 11.89 % for snakehead to 22.46 % for carp.  Among the fresh water fishes, the snakehead fish has a unique fatty acid composition, it has high concentration of docosahexaenoic acid (C22:6, DHA).


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