Probabilistic sticker systems


  • Mathuri Selvarajoo
  • Fong Wan Heng
  • Nor Haniza Sarmin
  • Sherzod Turaev



DNA Computing, Sticker system, Probabilistic, Regular languages, Computationalpower,


A model for DNA computing using the recombination behaviour of DNA molecules known as a sticker system has been introduced by Adleman in 1994. A sticker model is an abstract computational model which uses the Watson-Crick complementary principle of DNA molecules. Starting from the axioms – incomplete double stranded sequences, and iteratively using sticking operations, complete double stranded sequences are obtained. It is known that sticker systems with finite sets of axioms and sticker rules generate only regular languages. Hence, different types of restrictions have been considered to increase the computational power of sticker systems. In this paper, we introduce probabilistic sticker systems in which probabilities are initially associated with the axioms, and the probability of the generated string is computed by multiplying the probabilities of all occurrences of the initial strings used in the computation of the string.


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