Prof. Dr. Oki Muraza

Dr. Oki Muraza is an Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at KFUPM. In the past six years, as a principal investigator, he secured about 18 million SR (~$ 4.8 million) research grants from companies and national funding agency (KACST). He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU Eindhoven) on Catalytic Microreactors with Prof. Jaap Schouten. He obtained his MSc in Chemical Engineering from Technische Universiteit Delft (TU Delft) with MSc research on Zeolite Membranes under supervision Prof. Em. Koos Jansen. His current activities are mainly in catalysts for selective production of propylene, heavy oil production and upgrading and methanol-to-propylene. Prior to joining KFUPM as a Faculty, he worked as a Research Associate at The Petroleum Institute AD in a research collaboration with University of Minnesota (Prof. Michael Tsapatsis) on zeolite based catalysts/adsorbents for hydrocarbon processing. He was a JPI Research Fellow Hokkaido University (with Prof. Takao Masuda) in 2011-2012 and a visiting researcher at Åbo Akademi Finland in 2007. He was working in offshore oil and gas operation with Repsol YPF-SES as Chemical Supervisor and Production Supervisor From 2001 until 2002. He received JPI Research Exchange Fellowship in 2011-2012, NIOK (Dutch Institute for Catalyst Research) Award as one of the highest scores in a NIOK examination in December 2004 over about 50 PhD students in catalysis fields in the Netherlands. He was awarded with Huygens Scholarship (2003-2004), The Netherlands, UNESCO SFP, TU Delft Scholarship (2002-2004) and The Dow Chemical Company Scholarship (1997-2000).