The MJFAS Most Cited Publications

[Accessed 31 July 2016 - Google Scholar]

Gold nanoparticles embedded on the surface of polyvinyl alcohol layer

SM Nasir, H Nur - Journal of Fundamental Sciences, 2008
Abstract A novel method for synthesizing polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) embedded gold film is 
presented. Gold particles, in the size range of 20 to 180 nm, were first prepared by the 
conventional Turkevitch method by the reduction of gold, hydrogen tetrachloroaurate ( ...


Fiber Bragg grating modeling, simulation and characteristics with different grating lengths

HS Phing, J Ali, RA Rahman, BA Tahir - Journal of Fundamental Sciences, 2007
Abstract In this paper we perform a simulation of fiber Bragg grating sensor with different 
grating lengths. It is shown that the grating length represents as one of the critical 
parameters in contributing to a high performance fiber Bragg grating sensor. The ...


Complete fuzzy n-normed linear space

S Vijayabalaji, N Thillaigovindan - Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied …, 2014
Gahler [4] introduced the theory of n-norm on a linear space. For a systematic development of 
n-normed linear space one may refer to [5, 6, 8, 9]. In [5], Hendra Gunawan and Mashadi have 
also discussed the Cauchy sequence and convergent sequence in n-normed linear ...


Ideal convergence in n-normal spaces and some new sequence spaces via n-norm

M Gürdal, A Sahiner - Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied …, 2014
Abstract In this paper we introduced some new sequence spaces using n-normed spaces 
and gave some preliminary result for matrix transformations between some sequence 
spaces. 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 40A05, 40A45; Secondary ...


Range restricted positivity-preserving scattered data interpolation

ARM Piah, A Saaban, AA Majid - Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied …, 2014
Abstract The construction of a range restricted bivariate C1 (or G1) interpolant to scattered 
data is considered in which the interpolant is positive everywhere if the original data are 
positive. This study is motivated by earlier work in which sufficient conditions are derived ...